Hi! My name is Tatiana Anninskaia, I am a founder and a designer of "Dressy Talk" sewing patterns. I've been working in fashion design, development and clothing production for more than 10 years and happy to share my knowledge and expertise!  Originally I am from Russia, but moved to Germany with my family a couple of years ago 👫 ✈️, where I've got my second degree - MA in Fashion Management 🎓

I've been really into sewing and fashion design since my childhood, and I always wanted to share what I've learnt over the years and teach other people creating unique and couture-touch clothing by themselves 👗✂️. That's how I have came up with an idea of DressyTalk - digital sewing patterns and step-by-step illustrated sewing tutorials for any level of experience in sewing.


In my DressyTalkPatterns shop you'll find the collection, which I've created with the team of talented pattern designers and garment technologists.Every item was developed with an attitude to details and perfect fit. All sewing patterns and sewing tutorials are made to guide you through sewing processes so that you could easily create unique clothes for yourself and enjoy them as you wear.

If you are really into sewing, or maybe only started, or have no idea at all but would like to figure out how to, feel free to join the conversations on:


How do I get my pattern when I place my order?

Just after you purchase the PDF pattern, it's instantly available for download through the link you receive via email.

How do I print my pattern?

For every design we provide two printing formats, both in form of layered PDF files:

  • A4/US letter (print-at-home) format, which you can print with a regular home printer, following the instruction on the first page of the pattern. You will then need to tape the pages together according to the layout also specified on the first page of the pattern.
  • A0 (large scale copy-shop)format, if you prefer to print your pattern on a large scale paper format in order not to tape the small pages

What is layered PDF sewing pattern?

Layered PDF sewing pattern allows you to turn off the sizes, which you don't want to print. It makes the cutting process much easier because there are not confusing crossing lines on your pattern. You'll find the instruction of how to work with layered PDF file on the first page of each Dressy Talk sewing pattern.

Are there seam allowances included in the pattern?

Yes, each pattern size has two lines:

  • Inner line(sewing line) - the original sewing pattern without seam allowances;
  • Outer line(cutting line) - the pattern seam allowances.

If you prefer to have your pattern without seam allowances or add you own allowances (on a paper or fabric), just cut the pattern following the inner line (and don't forget to add allowances afterwards).

How do I know which size to print?

The size range is specified in the product description. Do define the exact size you need, please check out the size chart in the product photo.

Are there international sizes as well?

As you may know, sizes can vary from country to country. Unfortunately, there is no accurate conversion between them (partially because there are no international standard sizes in the industry and different rules can be applied). That’s why we highly recommend to take your measurements and define the size, following our size chart.